BPO Services

Customer Focused Business Outsourcing

As a freight forwarder, you need to execute mammoth of tasks, right from communication to preparing of documents to customs clearance. The job involves accurate data entry and database management. All the processes need to be legally complied to win that customer's trust and ensure smooth workflow. Focusing on core as well as non- core activities is challenging.

We help our clients to ease-out the outsource data entry services which can be time-consuming and may appear as non-value addition activity. We help you free the key resources that were engaged for data solutions so that they can contribute more value to critical business processes. We provide custom BPO solutions based on your business portfolio.

What is the solution?

Today, the customer expect delight from the services they are investing money in, this universal phenomenon can invite unwanted work pressure on your business as well as employees, but by outsourcing such services your team can offload certain tasks and manage on-time deliveries while keeping the accountability of all tasks. This will help in improving productivity and reducing operational cost in the long run!

Some of the tasks that can be outsourced to offshore locations are:

  • AP/ AR accounting
  • Shipping documents
  • Logistics database
  • Bookkeeping activity
  • Records of Freight Forwarding Documentation
  • Support Desk Services

How do we support you?

We have developed a team of professionals from the supply chain industry having the expertise in freight forwarding, accounting and IT (Information Technology). We are working closely with logistics companies and are aware of the grey areas like communication gaps and likewise that an user faces while dealing with an outsourcing service provider.

A recent study revealed that 75% of top global logistics companies are planning IT outsourcing within their business, software outsourcing being their first choice. The software outsourcing promises to bring new horizons to business but hiring company sometimes struggle due to the unforeseen complexity that outsourcing services may bring.

Logicbook automation service in Freight forwarding will help you apply the lean methodology and keep a customer, focused team. We are there to foresee all your business needs as an extension of your organisation by simplifying the process and deliver highly satisfied services to your end users.

Outsourcing Data Entry Jobs to LogicBook – An Insight

Business process re-engineering is the most challenging task for any organisation while planning for any transition in business, the cost factor is considered to be the most influencing factor that decides the course of future business.

Most of the traditional freight forwarding companies consider 80% of costs under wages head. In certain scenario, company assume that the wages cost is 20% higher due to inefficiencies of manpower. The biggest problem is cost control across the widespread business boundaries

The bigger workforce brings in extra costs on the operation. Cost saving routines to be built to survive in business. Here are some factors that built extra cost due to the larger workforce:

  • Rent & Electricity: The cost of office/warehouse renting and usage of electricity increase as people force increase.
  • Administration: It involves a higher cost for managing big HR Teams and renting HR SaaS for managing people.
  • Accountability: People shy away from the responsibilities when the large workforce is to managed and chances of conflict amongst co-employees increases many-fold.
  • Wastage: Office stationery & consumables costs add considerably.
  • Licensing: More user license is required for using the software.

We at LogicBook are aware of these and other affecting factors and provides a deep analysis of the cost to bring more saving during the period of implementation of services.

Many economists suggest that business manager should concentrate on their core competencies and hire experts who have the expertise to handle other tasks. These practices help in saving and increasing productivity. How can we help you today?

To know more about our data entry services, contact us today or email us at it@logicbook.com